An Olympic athlete is constantly striving to do better — to get a better score, clock a better time, or get the better of their competition. There is something inside of an elite athlete that drives him or her  to keep pushing past their limits in the pursuit of a championship title or podium finish. Olympic athletes shows the world what the human body is capable of — what dedication, persistence and passion can achieve.


But practice and training will only take you to physical limits. To be an Olympic Champion, often there is something else that pushes you; something that is harder to explain. It pushes you to do better. To give back.

I believe athletes are an invaluable social resource, who play a critical role, not only in inspiring our children to pursue their dreams, but in using the universal language of sport to do better.

 OlympianDrew " Beyond The Athlete" is the BRAND all about giving people the opportunity  GIVEBACK in the community. We are approaching the problems facing society by coming at them full-on and making waves that will bring about real change. How, you ask? It’s pretty simple: you. But don’t think this is just about the good work you do. It goes further than that.


This is just as much about creating change within you and those around you. REAL change comes from compassion, growth, perspective, empathy and lasting connections. Change doesn’t only come from what happens on a Saturday morning volunteer event but instead from what happens everyday after that “Saturday morning”.


OlympianDREW  joined in the efforts in bringing hope and restoration to Compton through the beautification of Lincoln Drew Elementary School.

Each year, we also incorporate a charity-related cause to give back to local communities. Our clients realize they live a fairly privileged life, so it’s very important for them to give back to those less fortunate and to inspire youth  and families to achieve their dreams.


We want to inspire and encourage others in the community. Below is a picture of Olympian Drew with "L.A.onCloud9" organization giving back to homeless families in Downtown Los Angeles

Olympian Drew and Steven Williams Foundation along with The Way World Outreach will held a Prop 47 Rally in San Bernardino at 4680 Hallmark Pkwy on October 8,2016.