If you know Drew well, you’ll understand his COMMITMENT TO FITNESS. He’s always led an active lifestyle and his comfort zone is found in adrenaline-induced activities such as track & field. He believes in STRONG, CONFIDENT, PAIN-FREE movement at the speed of LIFE and is passionate about helping people of all fitness levels (from soccer moms to pro-level athletes) achieve their goals.


Olympian Drew attended the Abilene Christian University , Abilene, Texas where he captured an NCAA National Championship in 1996-1997.

Events: 60m/ 100m / 200m / 400m

Not only did he gain popularity with his running  expertise, Drew is also well known for his  other endeavors. Modeling has become a  career that he would like to continue and is also interested in more TV show opportunities. Drew spends much of his time doing appearances for his Olympic Sponsors, speaking engagements for Drug Free Awareness and talking with young athletes throughout the United States about overcoming obstacles and setting high goals.


I had always been an athlete, and I always knew I was fast, but it wasn’t until I put my God-given talents up against others that I knew that this was the sport that chose me.  Over the years I’ve had my doubts and there have been many times that I’ve wished I could have been gifted at something that did not require so much pain and sacrifice to be great, but we do not choose our blessings and I know my talent is just that.

Olympian Drew attended Abilene Christian University with the hopes of being one of the better competitors on my team and the gratitude of receiving a free education.  Little did I realize that there were bigger things in store for me. It was after my season at ACU that season when I began to dream big and to see the potential that I possessed.

The road between college and now has been rocky at times and nothing like I imagined when I left from college and decided to become a professional athlete.  You never realize how much you want something until you have been tested and pushed to the brink of despair, and yet you still find yourself trudging forward, more determined than ever. I didn’t plan for this journey, but I have learned to embrace it.  This sport has molded me into the person I am today; a stronger, more determined, confident, independent, and humble man, grateful for every opportunity I’ve been blessed with.  I am a firm believer that I have taken the path that I have for a reason and that God is directing my steps.

I am looking forward to continuing to grow both as an athlete and a person and want to remain in this sport as long as I feel I have a purpose to fulfill.  I believe that my best years are still ahead of me and I am excited about what the future holds. ​


2000  Sydney Olympics
2000 Top USA #10 100 Meter Runner
1999 World Championships ( World Rank)
1997 NCAA National Champion
1997 World Ranked Distance Med.
1997 Texas Sports Dynasty Awarded Athlete
1994 & 1996 Wester State Conference Champion
2017 USA National Indoors Champion ( 2 GOLD MEDALS)
2017 USA Socal Regional Champion
2016 & 2017 USATF Southern Cal Assoc, Champion ( 4 GOLD MEDALS)